The epiphany toilet

When asked “what character from Scrubs are you most like?” I have ALWAYS considered myself to be an Elliot. Although I’m not a blonde bombshell, I AM flighty, clumsy, insecure, obsessed about having a baby, and very likeable. I also gain confidence in myself when others believe in me.

But this morning, I realised I’m much more of a J.D. Okay, so I’m not a guy and I don’t ride a scooter, but I DO have full conversations in my head, I narrate my own life, (think Jamie Oliver while he’s cooking) I analyse things way too much, get very involved in people’s lives even when I shouldn’t (though, not so much anymore) and am desperate for the approval of people around me. I’m a people pleaser.

Or maybe I’m a combination of both. J-delliot?

Okay, so it’s not a HUGE epiphany (are there degrees??). I mean, it’s not like the time when I realised I was in love with Hubs when we weren’t even together, and knew without a doubt that we would spend the rest of our lives together. That was REALLY cool.

Which Scrubs character are YOU most like?


  1. Jazzy Cat! I CAN see a bit of Dr Cox in you! Ha ha!
    And Durdlin, we would NEVER stone you as an outcast for not watching Scrubs! We would just HIGHLY recommend that you give it a go!
    And David, “My Porcelain God” is an episode in Scrubs (season 3, ep 13) – the Janitor installs a toilet on the roof of the hospital where he has epiphanies. Then one by one everyone else discovers it and has epiphanies of their own! Complete with harp music in the backgroud! Funny stuff!

  2. I hear ya – let’s start an overanalyzers annoymous! Me thinks J.D/Dr Cox – always wanting to please the top dog/funny idiot/caustic wit that can be more biting than I realise. Just call me J-Dox.

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