Open House

Hubs and I are used to having an “open door policy” when it comes to our home, but that’s not really embraced too much here at college. We love it when people feel comfortable just to pop in for a cuppa or a glass of wine (sometimes even out of a bottle instead of a bag!) and a chat. Granted, sometimes we don’t have time, but we like to think we can make time for our friends where possible.

When I grow up, (ie when we move out of College. lol.) I’m going to really encourage the “pop-in” and hope that people take up the offer. I like that feeling of community and spending quality time with people. I mean, we see people from College every day, but it’s not really quality time, unless we are intentional about it.

I know some people aren’t a fan of other people just dropping in on them, and granted, when you have kids, meal times probably aren’t the best time for a visit 🙂

But all that is ahead of us! We look forward to you popping in to our home some time!


  1. I too am a big fan of the pop-in, but it’s so hard to convince people to come to the southside (gasp!)!! It’s good to advertise your policy it seems, as most people are reluctant to ‘disturb’ others….when I feel it’s actually a welcome chance to socialise as you’re saying!

  2. I love’d the pop in when I was growing up and miss it. I love’d people popping in on us fro two reason one it would stop my parent’s intense need to be productive on the weekends and we could all just sit around chatting and two people who pop in sometimes bring food! I also like the lets pop in on someone on the way home for two reason different toys and or access to tv. I’ll be popping in baby.

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