Messing with the colours

You may have noticed that I’ve already changed the colours on my template a couple of times. I’m just not happy with it. I think I liked my original one so much (apart from the lack of NavBar and the inability to fix the “problem”) that now I’m being picky about the new template. I just can’t seem to get the colours right.

I’ll keep fiddling. I may even change the actual layout…


  1. I know, I loved it too! But I couldn’t get the Navbar to work on it after trying a number of different things suggested by various people. And I REALLY wanted it!! I like this one a lot though, and I’m through playing around. Plus, most people read blogs on Google Reader these days, so they wouldn’t have even noticed!!

  2. Bring back the original theme! It was so simple an elegant, please don’t end up loving it to death ala so many overkill myspace pages. Love your blog still 🙂

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