Day 11 – S’more s’mores and fireworks

Monday, 6th July 2009 – A few miles driving around town 1 last time.

Today was a little bit sad as it was our last full day in town so we made the most of it by lounging around at home and doing the washing. Oh, and then we decided we needed to go out and find another lakeside bar to drink at! We ended up at Coconuts which was huge and pretty cool but the service was a little rubbish and they had a “dive in bar” and a bikini contest (not at the time thankfully!) and I find both of those things a little dodgy.

Anyway, here’s a plethora of photos from our last full day at the Lake of the Ozarks, including another timed shot at Big Dick’s Docks where Hubs is running back for the photo. There were more s’mores that evening, as well as more firworks and a stunning full moon. I’ll just let the photos paint the pictures.


  1. Loving the travel blog ‘nae! Don’t take the lack of comments as a lack of interest, each post you have so many awesome new things to show and tell. All I would have to respond with each time would be ‘awesome! i’m jealous!’

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