Day 24 – I’m in a New York State of Mind

Sunday, 19th July 2009

A sunny day in NYC

We headed out around 9:30am, breakfast bagel in hand, and took a wonder down 8th Ave. We then headed east and hit Times Square. I loved the vibe and feel and atmosphere of New York – it’s busy but laid back.

We then walked up Broadway and stumbled upon a little festival where we bought home-made lemonade for $1 and I consulted the map to plan our next move…
Wifey looking like a daggy tourist
We wanted to see a Broadway show but our budget limited us to off-Broadway. So we bought 2 tickets to STOMP for that night and started to get VERY excited. We headed over to check out FAO Schwartz and our inner-children came out to play!
Biggest Gobstopper EVER! (Even bigger than this one!)

“You may be big, Lego Chewie, but I could take you to PIECES!”
“And helllloooooooooo Legoooooo Batman! Check out those leg-os!”
We then headed outside to take what I’m sure is a totally original photo. (It turns out that’s all that my apple was good for – it was rotten inside!!)
We then popped home to the hostel for a change of clothes and change of bag (this info becomes crucial later). Took the subway to 14th st and walked through Greenwich Village which was lovely and found an Irish pub (another one – but this one was the last) and ordered a couple of drinks. I ordered the house wine from the “specials” board for $4 and Hubs had a Magners. We ordered a burger to share and kicked back and relaxed in the sun.
And then I gasped and look at Hubs in horror.
“You left the tickets at home, didn’t you Wifey?”
“Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!” Strike 1.
“Dammit dammit dammit!” (I may be paraphrasing there.) I was SO MAD at myself as we didn’t have time to go back home to pick them up, but Hubs in his usual cool, calm and collected way suggested I give the theatre a call and see if I couldn’t work something out, as we remembered our seat numbers (thankfully!). Our meal came out and we shared it and asked for the bill and I was speechless when I saw the price of my “house wine”. $8.50. FOR A GLASS???? I asked the waitress about my $4 glass that I ordered and she said “oh, that’s only if you order it AT THE BAR.” Strike 2.
We high-tailed it down to the theatre and although I was frustrated with myself, I realised that it was very likely that they would let us in if we explained our story. They said we had to wait until the show was just about to start and if the seats were still free (which of course they would be) they would let us in. So we had half an hour to kill…
As we were taking these photos, a huge St Bernard walked past me and slobbered all over my leg. It was SO GROSS. Strike 3. Hubs said that since those 3 things had happened, they HAD to let us in to the show, so then I was glad the St Bernard used my leg as a napkin. And of course we got in to see the show.
It was amazing. If you ever get the chance to see it, you won’t be disappointed. We wandered back along 14th st and couldn’t stop exclaiming how good the show was, when we stumbled upon a shop named after Hubs!

What a coincidence! We took the subway back to Times Square and checked out the night scene. It was TOTALLY packed and absolutely buzzing!!
We strolled back to the hostel and collapsed into bed, eager to get some rest to prepare for another big day!


  1. Tee hee! The force is strong in this one! It WAS very cool that we went to such similar places! And thanks for the tip on the Strand bookstore. We could have spent a couple of days there easily.

  2. Look, i’m not here to critique, but you do seem to have left out some crucial details…. 🙂
    Were those Batman and Chewbacca made out of lego??
    What’s the back-story? What else was there (in lego)? Did Hubs make any bad jokes like “I think it’s time for us to (le)go” or “Hey Chewie, le-go of my arm!”(groan)

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