What belongs to who?

When I look at my feet, I see my Dad. I have his feet. Our feet seriously look SO alike. I’ll take a photo some time and show you. It got me thinking about what features I inherited from which parent, or side of the family, and here’s what I’ve come up with, going from the bottom (my feet!) to the top!

Feet – Dad
Calf muscles – my Nanny (Dad’s side)
Body shape (short legs, long body) – Dad
Child-bearing hips – Mum 🙂
Chin – Mum
Mouth – Mum
Nose – Dad
Eyes – Mum
Hair – Mum
Voice – Mum
Hands and fingers – Dad

And a few other things:
Stubbornness – Dad
Practicality – Mum
Sentimentality – Dad
Organisational skills – Mum
Sexy legs – Mum 🙂
Use of hand gestures when telling a story – Dad
Karaoke skills – Mum and her side of the family (R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!)
Squeemishness – Dad (you know it’s true!)
My social nature – Mum and Dad

And of course here are some comparison pictures. In case you can’t tell, these were taken at our wedding and I LOVE our wedding photos so I like to take every opportunity I can to show them off!

Can you see the resemblance?? Looking at these photos I reckon Mum and I have a similar posture and Dad and I have a similar cheeky grin! I’m sure I could come up with many more things my parents gave me, in appearance, personality, and the values and morals they instilled in me. I think I’ve turned out all right 🙂

(And you know, a photo of Hubs too, at our wedding, which has nothing to do with the post, really. Did I mention I love our wedding photos???)

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