When choosing a movie, to watch, one question always has to be asked:

“Is this a Wifey movie?”

A lot of the time, Hubs has to think about it. Most of the time he gets it right, but sometimes not. Here’s an example of Wifey movies:

Cool Runnings (I can’t believe that’s the first one that popped into my head)
Moulin Rouge
Lethal Weapon1-4
Chocolat (I think I had a bigger crush on Juliette Binoche than I did on Johnny Depp!)
Die Hard 1-4
You’ve Got Mail
Love Actually
Robin Hood, Men in Tights
to sum up: rom-coms, comedies, kids movies, action with a medium level of violence

An example of non-Wifey movies:
A Nightmare on Elm St (thanks for letting me watch that when I was 9 years old, big bro)
Twilight movies
The Exorcist
The Ring
Hostage (learnt that the hard way too)
Anything scary
to sum up: horror, creepy, extreme violence

This rule also applies to TV shows. Some shows that Hubs and I have enjoyed together are Scrubs, Battlestar Gallactica, and more recently, Boston Legal.

And then there’s Dexter.

Dexter is not, never has been, and may never be, Wifey-safe. Hubs started watching a few episodes last year when we first moved down here, and he said it was really awesome, and that I should give it a go, and that he would tell me when to close my eyes (or at least put my hands over my face and peep through my fingers.) So I gave it a go. I think the first episode we watched together was on the weekend I was sick with rubella and it was daytime, which reduces the scary-factor somewhat. It was like a train wreck. I couldn’t look away! I loved it but hated it all at the same time. But not wanting to be narrow minded, I stuck at it, but we were only allowed to watch it in daylight.

So we made our way through season one with a few bad dreams, but I did really enjoy it. So then we moved on to season two, with the same daytime rule. We took a bit of a break from it after that (season two was emotionally exhausting!) but then Hubs acquired season three, so we started watching that a few weeks ago. And we punched it! We were watching an episode most evenings (it’s still light until 9pm!) followed by an ep of Boston Legal. But the other night we watched Dexter, BL, and then ANOTHER Dexter cos it was so good.

Bad idea.

I had the most horrible dreams. There was stabbing and shooting and strangulation, dumping of bodies in the lounge room (“we” killed Dexter then tried to hide his body under the couch) and police cars and stake-outs. It was all there! And I had one of the worst night’s sleep I’ve had for a LONG time. We MUST comply with the daylight rule. It’s not a rule to be broken.

So we are watching the last episode of the season after work today, and the suspense is KILLING ME! I trust it will be as good as they’ve built it up to be. No spoilers thanks!


  1. Wouldn’t DREAM of it baby! Watched the last episode of season 3 yesterday, and Hubs is already keen to start season 4!! I told him I needed a break (“we were on a break!”) and that we could resume scary shows in 2010. Enjoy it!

  2. When I scanned this post and saw you’d written about Dexter I nearly didn’t read it. We finished watching series 2 in Canada and haven’t caught up with series 3 yet.

    So, no spoilers for series 4 or 3 thanks 😛

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