My Mary Janes

No, I’m not talking about this type of Mary Jane. I’m talking about THESE.

Oh, and these:

I have bought all 3 pairs since we’ve been in Melbourne, for a grand total of…. hang on, how about I play another game!? How much you think I pay for each pair? They are all leather (wouldn’t buy anything else when it comes to Mary Janes!), super comfy, and totally sexy! Again, I’ll put the price down the bottom, but I can assure you, you WON’T BELIEVE ME!!!

Another angle? Sure thing!

I love them all, and I promised Hubs I wouldn’t need to buy any more Mary Jane shoes for a long time… Maybe…

Blue pair: were $90, I bought them for $35
Black pair: $50
Pink pair: were $70, marked down to $40, scanned at the checkout at $20!!!
Grand total: $105!!!!! BARGAIN!!!!

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  1. Man, to be in Melbourne! I love the the pair with the colourful dots! Oh and the blue with flowers. Man Man Man…..(stomping and huffing at lack of cheap shopping in Brisvegas).

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