We’re on our way!

Hubs and I left Brisbane 8 (???) hours ago and we are currently on stopover in Singapore, using their FREE internet!! Did I mention it was FREE????? Singapore Air have my 2 thumbs up so far! We had a few glasses of wine (and G&T and Baileys) which I’ve never really done before (drank much on flights) so I’m feeling ready for a little nap now but there are too many good movies and TV shows to watch on the next leg!! Which leaves in 6 hours 🙁

Singapore airport is also really easy to get around (FREE shuttles between terminals that are run by robots!! Okay. So it’s all automatic, but that’s PRACTICALLY a robot, right??)

Not much more to say other than I had such a great Christmas and it was awesome seeing all the family again. I miss you all already!! And we made a few new special friends who really touched our hearts – you know who you are! Can’t wait to see you again!

Until we get FREE internet again, adios!

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  1. the free internet is awesome!! We got that on our way from SA 🙂 and were totally stunned by such a possibility 🙂 See you soon Renae! When we’re even closer to D day…

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