Baby steps

Apart from being a line from one of my favourite movies of all time, Baby Steps is also an accurate description of my “progress” in the last 12 months. One of my goals was to become more open to new ideas, and not to just dismiss them off-hand because they differ to my own. I think by nature, I’m quite a defensive person and this comes from having a low self-esteem for many of my teenage years, (and beyond 🙂 which stemmed a lot from my body image. So when someone has an idea that differs from my own, I take it personally, or I think they think I can’t come up with ideas of my own. Crazy? Just a little…

Anyway, I noticed early in my marriage, that I was quite dismissive of some of Hubs’ ideas – crazy or not – and it took me a while to realise how that affected him. So I decided that it was in my power to change that behaviour and I realised the other day that it was happening naturally now – like when Hubs’ suggested the Superman Cake; a year ago I may have said “that’s too hard” or “don’t be ridiculous” but not this time! I investigated the idea and decided it would be a great thing to try. If I had considered it and decided not to do it, that would have been okay too. It’s the consideration that’s important in this life lesson.

I’m feeling quite pleased with myself in fact! Next thing to work on: thinking before I speak. That’s going to be a doozie!

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