Hot Cross Scones

I LOVE hot cross buns, and I’ve been so distracted by goodness-knows-what lately that I’d forgotten to buy some for Easter! So on Tuesday night at dinner when we were discussing these delectable delicacies, I decided I was too lazy to walk down to Woolies to buy some, (and too stingey), but I wasn’t too lazy to try and bake some! So when I got home, I looked for a recipe on line and they had yeast in them. No yeast in the cupboard. So I googled “yeast free hot cross bun recipe” and it came up with this one. Bingo!

Now I think I’m pretty handy in the kitchen, but really, I should stick to recipes at least when it’s the first time. I MAINLY stuck to this recipe, but the end result was not what I expected. I mixed all the ingredients like it told me to: (pardon the yellow tinge to the photos – no idea how to use Hubs’ camera…)

And then did some kneading:
Then cutting out with my cookie cutter that I’ve never used before!
Then I prepared my flour and water mixture for the crosses
Then they were ready to put in the oven! I was pretty excited by this stage!
Hmmmm…. these don’t look like hot cross buns. I wonder how they taste?
Very sconny indeed. Oh well. I tried. And I’ll take them down to Sorrento to share them around. They are quite lovely as scones I must say! Thankfully we had HCBs for morning tea at work the next day, so I didn’t miss out! And maybe Hubs’ Dad will have some for us in Sorrento! 🙂 3.5 hours to go before I’m on holidays! (yes, again…)

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