Travelling Tassie III

We were up bright and early (well, we weren’t very bright and it wasn’t that early) for a walk around Freycinet National Park on the Sunday. We arrived armed with a map, water, snacks and brand new sunnies (I was struggling without them!!) and of course Hubs’ camera! We decided on the Wineglass Bay and Hazards Beach circuit which was 11km and supposedly 5 hours. Hubs was really keen to do Mt Amos as well, but we weren’t sure we’d fit it in. I suggested we try and push ourselves through the first walk and then decide after that.

We started off around 11am and I gotta say, the first 1.5km was hard going! The weather was incredible and within about 15 minutes, both Hubs and I had removed our thermals, which we had to carry around for the rest of the walk! (It was 8 degrees that morning!!!) We got to the top of the lookout and had a great view of Wineglass Bay.

No, that is not a cardboard cut out of our silhouettes! Hubs wanted to lighten it but I got impatient and wanted to blog before he got around to it! 🙂 Now, there are a couple of different stories about how Wineglass Bay got it’s name – one is that it is shaped like a wineglass, but the other is that there were 2 whale slaughter stations situated at the beginning of the bay, and that all the blood from the whales would come in and “fill up” the bay and look like a glass full of red wine. Gross.

We trekked on (downhill!) to the bay and it was just as beautiful at the bottom.

It seemed pretty damn chilly, what, with the close proximity to Antarctica!!, but that didn’t stop some crazy people from going swimming! We left them to it and cut across on the track to Hazards beach which was just as stunning.

We took our shoes off and enjoyed the feeling of the sand between our toes. I actually felt the water, and to my surprise it wasn’t as freezing as I was expecting! The last part of the track was through the bush and over rocks and through trees and all sorts of fun things! I really like those sort of hike/walks. Especially with the glorious weather – you can see from the photos how stunning it was! We got back to the start at around 3:30pm and with the light fading fast (no more daylight savings!!) we decided against Mt Amos. Hubs was a bit disappointed, but was getting a bit sore, and I was absolutely stuffed, so we just headed back to the car. After taking some photos of a Wallaby:

We had cooled down by this stage and it was freezing! So on went the thermals again, and we returned to Swansea via another bay and a lighthouse. All lovely sights to see! We arrived “home” around 6pm, exhausted (and chilly!) after another great day out.

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