I’m a pretty organised person by nature. I love it – it’s my thing. Unfortunately, I can be rather forgetful, which is hilarious when you look at how ordered my life is most of the time. And ever since we moved down to Melbourne, I’ve started losing things! I think I’ve lost 4 scarves to date, and sadly, VERY sadly, I lost my pink hat a couple of weekends ago when I was out shopping. There’s just too much to keep track of down here!! Cardi, jacket, gloves, scarf, hat. No wonder I came home with less than I went out with! I’m sure I left it sitting on a counter top somewhere – I would have put it there while I was putting on my jacket, my crumpler, my scarf, and picking up my bags of shopping. And of COURSE I didn’t realise til I got home, at which time, it was too late to go back and look for it.

And it was one of my favourite hats too. I mean, it only cost $2 (new!) but it was for that very reason (bargain!!) that I loved it so much. That, plus it kept my ears toasty warm. And now that winter has arrived in Melbourne (it’s 2pm and 8 degrees) I’ll be missing it even more!!

Maybe I need to tie a rope around things and tie them to my wrist. I’m so trendy…

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