We’re heeeeeeeeeeere!

Hubs and I arrived in Wang on Saturday afternoon after a great trip up. We were packed and ready to go by around 10am and after a brief pit-stop at our friend’s place on the way, we were on the highway by 11. We arrived around 2 and as we drove in to our new place, the neighbours came out to say hello. It was really lovely. Charlie next door made an offer of a cup of tea which we took him up on once we unpacked. How is it that it took 2 days to pack the kombi and less than an hour to unpack!?? Hilarious.

Charlie invited us over for dinner but we mentioned we had something organised already. This didn’t stop him though! At 4:30pm there was a knock at the door and there was Charlie, telling us he’d cooked us dinner. Ha ha. It was very sweet. We had pork chops and veges and were home around 6 for some more unpacking.

After the rental debacle, everything worked out fine. We really like the unit we got and it’s in a great location. I also landed a casual job at the Council offices (just finished my interview and signed the contract to start next week) which is absolutely perfect! So you see? Everything worked out wonderfully.

Now Mum and I are off to do some much-needed shopping including buying FURNITURE!! And a fridge. Hopefully. I have a big long list and a whole week to check everything off! Hubs gets home Friday night and our friend is coming down for the weekend which will be great. That’s about all for now. I’ll be baaaaaack….

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