Hangin’ out in Wang

Wow what a week it has been! Hubs has been living it up in Shepparton for the week (well, he’s been attending lectures and social nights at least) and Mum and I have been spending it up in Wang! After my blog post on Monday, Mum and I headed in to town and as I was talking to a guy at Optus about broadband (bring it on baby!) I also asked him if he knew of any second-hand furniture places around the place. He recommended a place within walking distance so after a (delicious) pie and coffee for lunch, we set off down the road.

And hit the jackpot.

This place had everything!!! We bought a fridge, 4 chairs, a bed frame, a rocking chair (bliss!!) and the coolest fold-down sewing table imaginable. They had free delivery and gave us a tip for a place around the corner where we could be cheap new mattresses, so we popped in there on the way home and made a purchase there as well. It was about 4:15pm by the time we got home, and by 5pm, everything had been delivered! How amazing is that! Wait til you see the photos of the stuff we bought. We just had the best luck! And the best thing is, it’s all second-hand so there was no budget-blowing!

So the last few days have been spent lunching and getting bits and pieces for the rest of the house, and yesterday we had a big cooking day. I’ve been putting the slow-cooker to good use and we’ve already made apricot chicken (a family favourite) and pea and ham soup (so goooooood.) I made some more roosoles to freeze yesterday, as well as some pumpkin and dark chocolate cookies.

It’s been absolutely amazing having Mum around this week and it will be hard to say goodbye to her tomorrow. But before I do that, we’re going to hit some garage sales and look for some dresser drawers, while Hubs spends the day at the snow with a friend who’s coming down. Still so much to do!!

Baby update: Lots of kicks since last Thursday – basically all day, every day. A lovely feeling indeed.

No time to spell-check! 4 minutes remaining on my library internet session!!! You’ll have to proof-read and correct yourself…. 🙂

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