Role reversals

When it comes to most things, Hubs and I have a fairly typical boy/girl relationship. I don’t mean to stereotype, but Hubs looks after all the technical gadgets in our possession, he takes out the rubbish, and opens tight jar lids, whereas I do most of the cooking and washing etc. There are a couple of things, however, where we have taken on each other’s roles.

The first of which is watching sport.

I can’t get enough of it!! (“sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport”) whereas Hubs can take or leave it. There is nothing more exciting to me (well, sometimes!) than sitting at home on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon to watch a game of AFL, Rugby League, Rugby Union, cricket, hockey…. hell I’ll even watch golf!! (well, I would if we had a TV.) I love a good game of footy – a close match that’s battled out into the dying seconds, and as long as “my” team plays well, I don’t even mind if we lose.

Hubs is not like this. He does not have much inclination to sit down and watch a game of footy, and he finds it very stressful when “his” team is involved in a close game. He would much rather watch a game where he’s not particularly going for either team, or one that he already knows the result of. We’re just different like that, and I often exclaim that my love of all things sports is wasted on him! 🙂

The other role-reversal is when it comes to our sleeping habits. Many of my female friends complain about how their partner keeps them awake at night with their snoring, and how their men go to sleep straight away so there’s no chance of them getting to sleep once that chainsaw starts up. I’m sad to say that I’m the snorer in our relationship (though, I prefer to use the term “heavy breather”). I’ve even been known to wake myself up from a little afternoon nanna nap with my own snoring. Hee hee.

But that’s not the only thing that keeps Hubs up at night. I’m a restless sleeper – when I’m not snoring my little heart out, I’m tossing and turning and waking Hubs up a few times a night in the process. I know that Hubs always sleeps better when I’m not in bed with him – like if he’s away for uni – but I can’t sleep very well at all if he’s not there beside me. And unfortunately being pregnant has only made things worse. I’m not sure we’ll ever get a good night sleep again!!

The only saving grace is that Hubs is a fairly deep sleeper so I’m sure I don’t wake him up nearly as much as he’d wake me up if it was the other way around. Aaaaaaah. The things we do put up with for love 🙂

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