Wedding number 3

On Sunday the 19th December, I had the privilege of officiating the wedding of 2 new friends of ours. You may remember this wedding – well, the wedding last Sunday involved Nathan’s brother Pete, and it was a truly wonderful occasion. The wedding was held at Emily’s (the bride) aunt and uncle’s old B&B come holiday home in Trentham, Victoria. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t too crash hot – freezing cold and rainy – but that didn’t dampen the mood in any way. We had a wet weather plan, but ended up being able to have the ceremony outside in the courtyard and it went splendidly, despite being only about 12 degrees!!

Hubs took care of Chance during the ceremony, and it was lovely to see their faces amongst the crowd, even if it was only from time to time! It really was a lovely ceremony, and Pete & Em decided to self-cater which gave the day a lovely family feel. Oh, and the desserts were awesome! (And look at the scenery behind the house!)

We all had a great day and spent the night before and after at this gorgeous holiday home in Blackwood – we could have happily stayed there another week, just enjoying the surrounds, watching DVDs and enjoying good company. And thank goodness for the fireplace! I believe it got down to 6 degrees overnight. I don’t think Mother Nature got the memo that IT’S DECEMBER!!!!!!

Congrats Pete & Em!! And here’s a lovely little family pic from the day (and yes, our son is going cross-eyed. Focusing is hard at this age!!)

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