Simple things done well

The thing about Hubs is that he’s easy to please but hard to impress. (Luckily for me I’m totally awesome so he was totally impressed and just had to marry me! Ha!)

(Moving on…) I may have already mentioned that I can take all day preparing an elaborate 3 course meal for Hubs that he’ll enjoy just as much as spag bol or chicken salad, as long as they are done well. So when we were over at Aunty Alida and Uncle Wayne’s on Friday and Aunty Alida asked if we’d like ham and salad rolls for lunch, Hubs got very excited. I know what you’re saying. Ham and salad rolls? Big whoop. But when something simple like that is made with love (and avocado) then it will always be a winner with us Hubs. And you know me – I love anything that someone else makes for me!

And of course, they were awesome!

This visit kicked off a super weekend in Melbourne for us. More to come…

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  1. Thanks guys, I’m quite touched that my ham and salad rolls with secret ingredient (avocado) made your blog!! Glad you enjoyed and always welcome xoxoxo Alida PS Sorry it was such a chaotic environment though!

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