Stuff’s been happening

Not exciting stuff, just life. Chance is slowly getting over his cold and is still keeping me up most of the night which has been challenging. Especially when well-meaning people keep telling me he should be “sleeping through” by now. (Incidentally, “sleeping through” means sleeping 5 hours straight. At this stage, even that would be a blessing! :-)) He also has 2 teeth which he is having fun showing off. He is very happy during the day so we have been having lots of lovely play time and he enjoys being in the pram while I go on walks which is wonderful. I keep telling myself that once he gets over his cold we’ll get back into some sort of routine, but the truth is he’s never “slept through” so I’ll just keep reading my book and hopefully he’ll start getting the idea.

In other news, we’ve decided on a house at Mt Beauty (actually, it’s in Tawonga South) and it’s fully furnished which I’m very excited about. Not that the furniture is anything to write home (or blog) about, but the fact that we don’t have to move as much stuff, and don’t have to buy much when we get there, gets me excited! It has the most amazing view of Mt Bogong so we really hope we have some house guests during our time there.

Hmmm… what else… Hubs is very busy with study + PhD stuff but still has lots of time for us and we’ve been having some pretty special family time lately. We just can’t wait to move so we can spread out!

Also, Chanbe and I are coming up to Brizzie from 15th-22nd June for another visit so would love to catch up with anyone who’s around. And how could I post without including another lovely photo (or 2).

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