A houseful

I LOVE a house full of people. Whether it be for a meal, a party or an extended stay, (or all 3!) I just love knowing there are people around and that good times are to be had. We have lived in our new place for 17 days, and for 14 of those, we have had either 5, or 9 or 10 people in the house. It’s been awesome.

As I mentioned, Mum and Dad helped us move and then stayed with us in our new place for 10 days before heading back to Brizzie. Also in that time, we were lucky enough to have Chance’s Godmum and her family (her Hubs and my Hubs study med together – that’s how we all met initially) stay with us. Their 2 kids were an absolute delight to have around and loved playing with Chance. And of course he was just memorised by them.

We all sat down and ate breakfasts and dinners together and the wine and beers and conversation flowed freely. We hope you guys come back to visit again some time!!

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