More visitors!

We arrived home on Friday evening and got straight back into hosting friends in our new home! Sian and Warwick came down from Friday night and left Tuesday morning and we had such a great time with them. We hit the snow on Saturday, and I must admit that I was a little hesitant after last time, but this time was truly amazing – I didn’t realise taking your (almost) 9 month old to the snow could be such a delight! We rode a couple of the lifts and made our way to the top for lunch. What a view we had! Amazing what you can see when the weather is crystal clear.

We then headed back down and sat outside and had coffee. Yes, we sat outside it was so beautiful!

After our cappacinos we hung out at the bottom of one of the runs to wait for the boys to come down so we could take some action shots.

The boys were in fine form!

I think Chanbe is going to enjoy snowboarding one day!

So much fun!

On Sunday the boys went back up for more skiing/snowboarding, while Sian and Chance and I went to Bright for lunch. We had a lovely wintery slow-cooked meal for dinner that night and the next day was Sian’s birthday so Warwick took her to some local wineries. And since Sian is 5 months pregnant, Warwick got to do the tasting while Sian did the driving 🙂 We took them out to the local tavern for dinner that night (it was really good!) and they headed home the next morning.

Another awesome visit with friends from Queensland.

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