Night 2 report

Last time I blogged, I was listening to my baby scream while Hubs tried to settle him, without me intervening with a feed. So many times I nearly went in to “help” but I knew this would just mean a step back in our progress. I lay in bed, reading my Australian Breastfeeding Association book, telling myself that it was going to be okay. I finally tried to go to sleep, with a pillow over my head and was dozing off when I heard Hubs come into bed.

It was 12:30. Chanbe was crying for 2 hours. It was so hard and heartbreaking, but we’re just getting so desperate.

Then last night he was really tired when we put him to bed, and he went down quite easily. We heard him wake up at 9:30pm and Hubs went in. I was ready to go the long haul again, but Chance settled straight away and Hubs was back out in 10 minutes. 10 MINUTES!!!! I know I know. I shouldn’t get too excited. Shouldn’t get my hopes up. But it really was exciting.

Then nap time came (very early) this morning, around 9:15am. He’d been up since 6:15 so it was understandable. It took me 20minutes of wrestling and rocking and patting and singing, but I did it. I was very proud of myself for being so calm.

It’s now 11:25 and he’s still asleep. This is a very good start to the day.

We are heading to Wang tonight til Thursday, then we’ll be in MB for the weekend (Chanbe’s birthday on Sunday!) and all next week, and then we have a bit of to-ing and fro-ing to do before we leave for our road trip to Brisbane on Wednesday the 7th December.

Oh, and Hubs has 2 exams and a presentation to do as well! It’s going to be crazy busy, and it’ll be interesting to see how the sleeping goes while we’re away, but we can only try.

Update: Chanbe slept til 11:55! Woo hoooooo!

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