Changing my tune?

I pride myself on not being quick to judge, not believing everything I see and hear on TV/in the media/in movies, and not jumping on any bandwagons. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….. I can’t even keep a straight face when I typing that rot, let alone saying it out loud! In the words of Jo of Little Women (the remake) fame, “I’m hopelessly flawed” (to which Frederich responds “we are all hopelessly flawed.” *sigh*)

I judge. I jump on bandwagons. And I most definitely change my mind about people when I read/hear about differing points of view. I’m a shocker and am completely embarrassed by how much, after reading only 30 pages of Vivian Cash’s autobiography “I walked the line” I have changed my tune about June Carter and Johnny Cash’s romance. Vivian was Johnny’s great love. I don’t doubt that June and Johnny were in love and were very happy together, but it was Viv (did I just refer to her as Viv? Yes I did) who stole Johnny’s young heart and shaped him into the man he was.

Okay okay. I may be jumping the gun a bit here, but seriously, my heart is already aching for a love lost and a marriage that could have, nay should have, lasted a lifetime. It did for Vivian Cash, but was unrequited by her first and deepest love.

I’m going to admit right now that I’ve had a glass of sparkling red wine, am packing up our house, am missing Hubs (he’s away for the night – yeah I know. It’s one night), am counting down til I get my cast off (FRIDAY!!) and am feeling just a teensy bit sentimental and melodramatic. Still, I’m looking forward to reading more about Vivian and Johnny’s romance. Stay tuned for more judgement!

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