More fun!

We spent a very relaxing few days with our rellies in Sale (actually, it’s Stratford, but most people have never heard of Stratford), enjoying the unpredictable weather. We spent Friday fighting the heat (30 degrees!), cleaning out the car and giving Chanbe lots of rides on his new trike:

It was seriously SO hot that day. The wind was gusty and we had the air conditioner on inside. Chanbe was getting a little too cocky on the 3 steps down from the deck to the gravel, and took a bit of a spill 🙁 It actually looked a bit worse than it was. After the initial shock and tears, he was unfazed. My little bruiser.

On Saturday, my great uncle had to take my great aunt (they’re great in more ways than one!) to the airport in Melbourne as she was flying over to England for her mother’s funeral. Her mother was 97! So it will be a great celebration of a wonderful long life. So we went in to Sale (much bigger than Stratford) to do a spot of shopping, along, it seems, with half of the town! It was crazy! We didn’t do too much else, other than make delicious lamb shanks for dinner (sorry Hubs 🙁 I’ll make you some next week).

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