Haircuts: 2 for the price of 1!

Both of my boys recently had haircuts, and boy do they look dapper. Yes, dapper.

First, it was Chanbe’s turn. My friend from mother’s group is a (damn fine) hairdresser, and cuts all of the kids hair in our group which is very nice of her. Chanbe didn’t think so, but he got through it a bit better than the first time. He had this gorgeous little curl at the back of his hair that I just couldn’t part with, so we put in a little piggy tail and snipped it off for safe keeping!

(starting to look like a bevan)

This little piggy went to market:
(and this little piggy didn’t make it home!)
See? Dapper.
(This photo was actually taken this morning, after an overnight low of -1 and frost)
Then it was Hubs’ turn for his 6-monthly haircut, courtesy of yours truly.
Here he is before:
And after: (dapper)
Don’t I have 2 of the most handsome boys around?

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