My Weak

It’s been another tough one, and I’m feeling it today. As is Chanbe. And Hubs. Hubs was actually away for 4 days and 3 nights this week doing exam prep, so I was doing the solo parenting thing. Let me tell you, it was hard. I don’t know how people do it on a long-term basis, and with more than one child. By Thursday night, I was counting the hours til Hubs’ return the following afternoon so I could collapse in a heap. Thankfully Chanbe was booked in to childcare for Friday morning, so I got to rest frantically race around the house tidying up and race around town to appointments and getting a few things done before the weekend.

We all had a great night sleep last night until Chanbe woke up at 5:30am, unwell and unwilling to go back to sleep in his bed. So the three of us had a fitful sleep for a couple more hours, then the boys got up and attempted to let me have a sleep in (bliss!) except Chance wanted his mama so the 2 of us ended up “sleeping” in our bed til about 9. The rest of the day was spent moping about (me), being sick and miserable (Chanbe), and studying (Hubs).

Perhaps tomorrow will be better for all?


  1. That’s a huge week, with a lot on your plate. My sons do the same thing- Dad is home for the weekend and wants to do things with them to give me a break, but only Mum knows how to make eggs. And only Mum knows how to position the blanket just right. ‘Mummy do it!’ is a much heard cry in our house.


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