This week has been a nightmare a shocker challenging on many levels.

Level 1 – Chanbe has been waking up at 5:30am. Shocker. Hubs and I are NOT morning people, and an early morning for us is 7am. 5:30? Not cool. I am hoping it’s just a phase, though, with daylight savings starting this weekend, and us going to Queensland for a week from next Friday, I feel there will be a few weeks of disrupted sleep. Oh, and the whole moving interstate thing in 6 weeks time – yeah, that’s going to be completely hassle-free!

Level 2 – Even though Chanbe is still 7 weeks away from his 2nd birthday, I feel he has already turned a corner into the “terrible twos”. I really hate that expression though, because you’re just really setting yourself for disaster. I prefer to use our friend’s expression, the “terrific twos”. I like the positivity that implies, and even though some days may be terrible, I like to think there is more terrific involved in this age group. Plus I think Chanbe is pretty darn terrific 🙂

Level 3 – Hormones hormones hormones. I have been super emotional and a bit of a mess for a few days now, and the tears have flowed on more than one occasion. Not only this, but with all the relaxin floating around my body, my muscles have been particularly achy lately, and I’ve had sciatica pain and pregnancy-related tennis elbow. Have you ever had tennis elbow? It is not a pleasant experience, especially when you can’t take anti-inflammatories for it.

So all in all, these things have made for a very cranky Wifey. Thankfully, I have a very awesome Hubsband who has been taking extra special care of me this week. I cannot tell you how much he has saved me these last few days, and it just makes me feel so grateful that I have found a partner who will always do whatever he can to make my life happier. And today, I am happier. Which is good, since I’ll be solo parenting again tomorrow. Wish me luck!


  1. Thanks Amy – what a lovely supportive thing to say. I really don’t want to “dread” this year, as there will be so much good stuff that will far outweigh the tantrums, but it’s hard when everyone says how bad it’s going to be. And I know it will go so fast as well – I want to embrace this time!

  2. All that Queensland sun will fix what ails you 😛

    I found the two’s challenging. I think it’s mostly to do with them trying to learn to move, and communicate, and a big growth spurt, and all those hormones floating around (I read a book that suggested toddler boys have the same amount of testosterone that teenagers do!). That being said, three has been AWESOME. He all of a sudden became a kid- funny, and smart, and intelligent, and loves doing things that I love doing. Hold on through this year, because Three is on it’s way.

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