a 7 minute post

I’m sitting in a shopping centre, using one of those internet stations. It reminds me of being overseas when I’d pay for a certain amount of time and have a certain number of things to do and the last few minutes would be a frantic rush to get those last few emails etc out.

We turned up to my 37 week antenatal appointment this morning, only to realise that it’s actually tomorrow morning. But we already asked my Mum’s cousin to baby sit Chance for the day so we could go shopping afterwards, so we thought we might as well take advantage of the child-free time. Well, the outside child-free time. The inside baby is kicking away nicely and sapping all of my energy, but we are all doing well.

We really do love the house. It’s exciting to imagine what it will be like once we’ve finished unpacking. The flat-pack fairies visited for a bit last week and only left 1 set of drawers for us to put together which was nice.

This isn’t a very exciting post, sorry. This is Hubs’ last week off before he starts full time work. And he won’t have holidays again until  the end of July. That is a very long time! But I’m sure it will fly by. I have given Hubs his 10 day heads up of my approaching birthday. I actually had forgotten about it!

Well I have a couple of minutes to go and need to check a few other things so I’ll leave it there! Hubs is currently sorting out internet so I’m hoping my next post will be from home and will contain photos!

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