4 words

“Mama go for run”

The first time Chanbe said that made my heart burst with pride and excitement.

“Yes!” I replied. “Mama is going for a run!”

I never really thought I’d ever say that, but here I am. After a bit of a false start to the couch 2 5k, with both my knee and foot hurting too much to continue, I decided to ease off a bit on the “running” and keep up with the walking. So I walked 5-6 days a week for 4 or 5 weeks, and restarted with week 1, last week. And I’m already feeling better. I have a running ap for my phone that tells me when to start running, when to stop, the distance I cover in each interval, and the pace I am setting. I’m really feeling the benefits of the walking I did before I restarted; I feel stronger, fitter, and more confident that at the end of the 9 (or 10) weeks, I’ll be able to run 5km.

That’s so exciting for me. And one of the best parts of my morning routine, is coming home to Chanbe yelling “Mama’s home!!” Then we do some stretches together and he makes the cutest grunting noises (that I must make, as he copies everything I do these days!!).

It feels better this time. I’m more physically and mentally ready for the challenge.

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