23 days and 1000km (west) later…

Aaaaah…. sweet sweet internet. Moving sucks. And not having internet in the interim makes it even worse. We have signed up for our usual ridiculousGB per month deal, but it won’t be connected until the end of the week, so in the mean time, we’ve paid a ridiculous sum for 3GB of data to get us through.

It’s been too long.

Normally it wouldn’t bother us as we use the internet on our phones, but the connection out here is terrible with Optus, so we have (almost) accepted the fact that we have to change our mobiles over to Telstra. Ugh. The things we do for good phone and internet connections…

Moving on. SO much has happened! But in a nutshell (with photos to come soon, hopefully) I left Ingham with the kids on the 12th of January and spent a few days in Townsville catching up with friends and family and making purchases that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make in Mount Isa. We then headed back to Ingham on the Thursday to pick up Hubs and the trailer and pack the rest of the house up, then spent our final night in Townsville with friends, though our 6pm getaway from Ingham turned into 8:30pm, so we didn’t actually get to hang out much.

Friday morning we threw the last few things in the car, and started heading west. We had a rough idea about where we wanted to get to on day one, and it was a really easy drive. We stopped at Richmond for the night, but not arriving until after 5:30pm made our dinner choices somewhat limited. There was the pub, or the other pub. I went with the other pub and grabbed a few takeaway meals that turned out to be fantastic! We shared the lamb roast and garlic prawns – both restaurant quality! I was very impressed, especially considering the, shall we say, “rustic” appearance of the pub.

We woke up around 7am the next morning, which just happened to be my birthday, and set off again. It really is such an easy, albeit boring drive. No traffic, not many towns to slow down through, and some very interesting landscapes. We stopped for brunch in Julia Creek, and then we were in Mount Isa by about 3pm that afternoon.

And then it hit me…… We’re living in Mount Isa…… Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee!……

to be continued…….

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