The last minute post

It’s 11:20pm. Hubs and I have just finished watching X-Men: First Class. Hubs saw it without me at the movies when it first came out and I’ve been wanting to watch it for ages. I should have blogged earlier today, goodness knows I had the time, but here I am, in the 11th hour (literally!) hoping you’ll forgive the lack of enthralling content.

In hindsight I should have left all the incorrect Autocorrects in this post. That would have been pretty funny. I’m sure my new phone (Galaxy Note 2) has much worse Autocorrect ability than my Galaxy SII. But never mind. I’m quite sure that’s the definition of a first world problem.

Now it’s 11:28pm and we’re both in bed all snuggled up and warm. The light from my phone is providing the light for Hubs to read his e-book reader.

Wow Wifey. Riveting stuff.

I guess this is one of the reasons to do NaBloPoMo. To show the everyday stuff as well as the newsworthy events. Today was a nice day. Hubs gave me a sleep in, I had coffee and chats with a good friend of mine, I went for a walk… I just remembered a post I put together in my head on my walk, when I saw two 12 year old girls taking funny steps (big, small, wonky,) together add they walked along the path and I pondered the innocence of youth. But that seemed a bit cliché.

Where was I? Oh yeah. My nice day. When I got home from my walk I had a cup of tea and not long after, our friends came around for a BBQ. The three boys ran around like crazy which meant Chanbe went to sleep easily, and Quindy was out like a light as well.

So yes today was a good day.

It’s now 11:35pm and I feel as though I have waffled on enough for one day. I might try writing a little earlier tomorrow. Emphasis on try…

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