An unplanned and unexpected hiatus

Wow. Um yeah, so the last 3 weeks accidentally passed by without so much as a cop-out photo post! The thing is, there’s been plenty going on, including a visit to the Cloncurry show, an afternoon/evening 4WD trip with new friends, Hubs’ birthday, our first official family camping trip, complete with tent, and Hubs getting the flu and being out of action for a week for the second time this year, which also coincided with our camping trip. Fun!

We are also in the middle of “application season” where Hubs has to apply for jobs for next year, so we’ve been talking about that a lot and have come up with a few ideas, and with a week-long trip for Hubs and 4 week-long trip for the kids and I to Brisbane starting next Wednesday, there’s been lots of thinking about packing and putting it off until the next day.

And don’t get me started on the fact that this book has kept me completely occupied since Tuesday morning (thankfully I just finished it an hour ago – which is almost a record for me as I’m the world’s slowest reader) and this show has kept us busy in the evenings.

Not enough going on? Well I’ve also had some pregnancy blood tests and other tests, as well as my 20 week morphology scan booked in for Monday and follow up Obstetrician appointment for Tuesday.

Still not enough? How’s this for the cherry on top: Our dear friends Haz, Maz, Jaz and Az are going to be passing through the Isa on Tuesday night en route to Darwin and are staying here the night. Hubs is working night shift that night starting at 11pm and we will be heading out to the airport at 8:30am the next morning to catch said flight to Brisbane. And we couldn’t be more excited! It’s going to be so great to see them and get the kids together again!

And of course, there’s been the usual “life” stuff like washing and cooking and tidying and exercising and entertaining children to throw into the mix.

So yeah, that’s enough. I’m tired just thinking about it. But anyway, I’m here and there are photos (that I need to upload and transfer and blah blah) so they are to come, but stay tuned!

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