As useful as…

An exciting thing about having a baby is the goodie bag you get in hospital. It’s full of cool free stuff like a nappy, some wipes, an assortment of creams and bath products, and a bunch of information that you end up reading out of boredom in the hospital.

I was having a good look through the goods tonight and came across an item I hadn’t noticed during my initial rifle through:


I’m not sure if this blog is ready for the likes of this post, but I’ve just had a baby, my hormones are raging and I’m going there.

This is about as useful to a new mum, as a condom. I mean, look at this thing?!!


It is absolutely laughable. And laugh I did. And now here it is on my blog.

And now it’s time to go to bed. Well, I might wait for the Nutella crepes Hubs is making us for dessert 🙂


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