There’s an aeroplane in my bed

It’s been a big few days around these here parts. On Thursday night – wait that was only last night – we hosted a Christmas and “welcome to the world Darby” party that was attended by 15 people including 6 kids under 5. Granted 3 of them are ours but still. We feasted on slow cooked pulled pork rolls with wombok salad, followed by profiteroles and mango daiquiris. I can’t wait to get stuck in to the leftovers.

Then tonight we headed to the pub with Darby for Hubs’ work Christmas drinks while Chanbe and Quindy stayed home and tormented behaved perfectly for Gran. After arriving home around 11, I fed Darby and collapsed into bed.

And sat right on a toy aeroplane.

Gotta love being a parent 🙂

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