This is what it has come to

I’m organising our Lego into colours. And sizes.


The kids have been “helping” me. Chanbe’s idea of helping is sitting in front of the Lego, looking for all the white pieces, (of which there are 50 right in front of him) and climbing over the lot to pick one piece up from the other side of the pile. Then playing with it.

Quinndy’s idea of helping is this:

That is, tipping out my sorted Lego as she does not agree with my organising systems.

I feel like life is just kicking my butt at the moment. I’m always three steps behind and it’s starting to show. I shaved one leg in the shower today and completely forgot to do the other leg. It feels funny.

I had four coffees yesterday. Four. And the last one was foolishly at 4.10pm. (And it may have been of the Irish variety. Thank you St Pat’s Day!) I generally make it a habit not to have coffee after 3pm and as I was lying in bed awake at 11.45pm last night, I was reminded of why.

Kindy mornings have been hard going with Chanbe insisting he doesn’t want to go to Kindy and getting a bit upset over it. I’ve been trying to keep it light and positive and apart from one fateful morning 2 weeks ago (there was dragging, kicking and screaming) we have managed to get there in the end.

The place is still a bit of a shambles and to add to it, there are 3 baskets of folded clothes that I haven’t put away yet. I’m just not feeling motivated to do anything much at the moment. I mean I LOVE our new house and want it to be a nice place to live but I think I’m just overwhelmed and therfore not getting anything done.

And WordPress is still taking some getting used to. I used to have everything there ready to go with Blogger but now there’s a bit more fiddling around to do. It doesn’t help that we haven’t had a computer set up for a few months and I’ve been doing everything from my phone. It does mean that I have nearly 1000 comments pending, all but ¬†one or two of which will be spam. But deleting them on my phone is just too hard. I need to install a spam filter. It’s on the list.

And now it’s time to have a sleep. Maybe I’ll be productive after that…

In the meantime!…

Our photo wall is coming along nicely!


Quinn got “new” bowling shoes ($1 at Vinnies)


Our 3 little monkeys (generally) love having a bath together


And did I mention Darby has found his thumb?


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