It’s a girl!

Wow have I ever got a story for you! Remember our friends who we met in Townsville, Haz and Maz, and their gorgeous boys Jaz and Az? Well, Maz was pregnant with baby number 3 and was due this coming Sunday. And being as crazy/adventurous as us, they are currently driving from Townsville to Perth, where Maz is from, to spend a couple of years over there, and planned to have the baby somewhere along the way. When they asked if they could stay with us for a few days, it was a given, and when they arrived on Tuesday afternoon, I told Maz that she was to stay until the baby was born. I also asked her if she could have a girl as I had heaps of gorgeous clothes to give her.

And boy did she oblige! Mia was born in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, and is the teeny-tiny-est baby I’ve ever seen! Well, it feels that way since she weighed in at a delightful 3.2kg whereas all my babies have been over 4kg. And here she is with Darby-doo:

Mia and Darby

Who is currently weighing in at a very healthy 8kg 🙂

It’s hard to convey the excitement about them staying with us and sharing this lovely time with our little family. The kids have been playing together wonderfully (again, most of the time!) and after they have opened their house to us on numerous occasions, it’s so nice to be able to return the favour. They will be leaving us tomorrow which will be very sad but gosh it’s been a terrific few days. Our next plan is to go to Perth for a visit! Moments like this just warm my heart:

Quinn Chance Jarrah Alyx

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