Today I’m playing with Lego

I decided pretty early on that I’m not adulting today. I just need to play and be with my kids. Or just play, and let the kids do their own thang. So this was my first couple of hours:


I know it’s hard to tell, but this will eventually be a helicopter, if I can find all the damn pieces. But since I “sorted” the Lego a little while ago, I now have to sift through all the pieces to find the parts for each model. From now on, each model will stay on it’s own in a zip-lock bag. I wish I had thought of that a few months ago…

So the washing shan’t be done today. We are eating lots of easy things like crackers and tomato and cheese, fruit and sultanas. I’m just letting the kids dictate the direction of the day, and not worrying about getting adult things done. Just lots of sitting around and just being. I’ll deal with the adult things once the kids are in bed. I’m glad I made the decision this morning, because the only other way today would have gone, is me moping about the house “knowing” I “should” be adulting but not wanting to.

This way, everybody wins.



  1. We keep Lego pre-assembled, and on a bookshelf. Nobody plays with it if it’s just in bits.

    For the bits that fall off, I throw them in the big yellow Lego head, and DH sorts it all out and reassembles when he gets home at night, or when he’s finished work for the week.

    It’s working surprisingly well!

    1. Aaah yes I told Hubs I’d like to do that as well. I just need to get all the models re-assembled! Plus we have a whole lot of loose bricks (we bought a 1500 piece box a couple of years ago… whyyyyyyyyy????) so when I say it’s all mixed up, it’s ALL MIXED UP! Luckily I have so much time on my hands to sort through a couple thousand Lego bricks and sort them out! Oh yeah!

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