If you want something done…

…ask a busy person to do it.

Too true, too true. I often describe parenthood as a state of being constantly busy, but in a completely different way than I was before.

Pre-marriage and pre-kids, I was always busy. A week night to myself was pretty rare, and a weekend without plans was unheard of. When we moved to Melbourne, there was a void in my life that I struggled to fill; I had so much time to myself that I had to learn to enjoy my own company a bit more.

And now that we have children, I don’t stop very often for very long during my days, except for my 11am coffee of course, but some days I don’t feel like I’ve gotten anything done. When in actual fact I’ve fed and nourished 3 children with 3 main meals and endless snacks, I’ve sent a husband off to work with a full tummy, a coffee and a delicious lunch, most likely done some washing and cleaning and tidying up, have taken the kids out somewhere, maybe done some shopping… well you get the idea.

Some days feel incredibly unproductive; I feel like I’ve just been chasing my tail around all day, ignoring the kids and hoping they can entertain themselves, yet not actually getting anything useful done. And then there’s days like last Wednesday and today where I’ve been on the go all day and can sit down now with my cup of tea and feel like I’ve accomplished something.

So here’s cheers to Wednesdays. They seem to be the day that sh*t gets down around here!


And now for some more Falling Skies 🙂

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