Darby’s Baptism

Yes! It’s finally here! The blog post that is. The Baptism was in June. Am I forgiven? Good. It really was a lovely and special weekend. Darby’s Godfather flew in from Mount Isa, and his Godmother, along with family and close friends, all traveled up from Brisbane to stay for a night or two. Hubs cooked up a storm on Friday night on the BBQ, while we did a bit of prep work for the next two days.

It meant so much to us to have “our people” with us for the weekend. There was so much just sitting around, shooting the breeze, and enjoying the company. As usual, the photos tell the story best!

Darby-doo with his Godfather, Felix



And Godmum Sonia



The kids absolutely loved all the attention! As well as the hammock that Uncle Felix bought us. Winner!




Hubs with his 2 BFFs

Darby Baptism weekend 1


This scene spells out pure joy for me. Wonderful friends and family, fantastic food, and not a care in the world.



This was the order of service the church put together for us. It was so gorgeous!



Darby looked grand in the family Baptism gown that his older brother and sister wore before him.



And the service was really lovely.



A few nice family photos before Chanbe and Quindy went too feral.




And then back home for more good times and good food.



And of course, there had to be “foot” cakes, just like Chanbe and Quindy’s big days.



We made a little toast to a wonderful weekend.



Thanks again everyone for coming and sharing Darby-doo’s special day with us, and for being some of the first people to see our first house. It was such a great weekend, and we look forward to more in the future! (Great weekends, not more kids to baptise… 🙂 )



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