10 things on the 10th

Random edition

  1. In case you didn’t hear, Hubs passed his General Surgical Skills Entrance exam. So happy and relieved right now! Next step: Applying for the orthopaedic training program. It’s only just beginning…
  2. Quinn walked in on me in the shower on Monday morning, pointed at me, and said “your bum is wobbly because you’re old.” Far too much truth for a Monday morning.
  3. We have enlisted the help of a draftsmen and plans for renos are underway
  4. I only semi believe in symptoms of teething (thanks to Hubs) but Darby has some whoppers coming through at the moment and sleep has been very patchy. Starting to wonder…
  5. “Play the one that looks like you and Dadda” is what Quinn asks for when requesting this youtube clip
  6. Chance. Loves. Prep. A thousand times YAY.
  7. Quinn told me the other day that she’s a working girl because she has her black boots on. Hmmm…
  8. I don’t believe in suffering in silence. Just ask Hubs.
  9. I really want to stay in Rockhampton next year.
  10. We hired ourselves a cleaner a few weeks ago to come in once a week for floors and bathroom and kitchen. Best decision I’ve made all year.

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