When was the last time you felt elated?

Like, seriously explosively delighted?

I’m feeling that way right now, and I just want to tell the world. I want Hubs to come home right now so I can plant a huge kiss on his face and give him the biggest cuddle. I can’t wait to pick Chanbe and Quindy up from school/kindy and look at them and tell them how much I love them. I have just given Darby a lovely big squeeze when I transferred him from the car to the cot. This. This is such a nice feeling. And it’s been a while.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy. Day-to-day, life is going well. But I’ve been pretty stressed out lately due to some renovation work on the house that we were hoping would start on Monday but has been delayed another week, which means having to find somewhere for us to live for two weeks, and all the organisation that goes along with that. Plus I have a few weddings coming up which is exciting but I’m not finding the time to put the ceremonies together and I hate leaving it too late to work on them.

But amongst all of that, I decided that I would take Darby out to Yeppoon to catch up with our dear friend, and his Godmum, and not think about all this stuff, if only for a few hours. The drive to Yeppoon is about 40 minutes, and with only one kid in the car who I knew would sleep the whole way, (which meant no being yelled at about being hungry/thirsty/needing to wee/dropped something and can’t reach it) I put some tunes on and sung my way to the coast. Already I was feeling better. Sonia and I took Darby-doo out for a coffee (he had a chocolate milkshake that he didn’t have to share!) and then to the playground, and just chatted and caught up and it was just so nice. Then we decided to grab some lunch and I had the most delicious pork belly sliders. Holy moly it was so amazing. This was after staring at the menu for 10 minutes trying to decide what to get.

This is what happens when I’m stressed; small decisions get really hard for me. What to wear; what to eat; where to sit in a cafe. I know I’m overloaded when I can’t make up my mind on things, but this was such a good choice. I honestly don’t think we stopped talking for the 4 hours we were together and it was absolutely what I needed to get my mind of things. I spoke to the builder half way through our time together, and found out that the work has been delayed another week which means more time to look for somewhere to stay, but also AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGH! I know I know. These things happen, and to be honest, it was probably good to hear that so I could relax a little about finding somewhere. For now anyway.

I just feel so rejuvenated! We talked about all lovely and wonderful things; about big plans and little plans and ideas and our boys (okay, men) and kids and the future and…. Ha ha it’s starting to sound like a date! And it totally was. There’s something about being around a young, optimistic, vivacious woman that is contagious, and I left with a feeling of innocent delight.

On the way home I chose to listen to Jewel’s 1995 (whaaaaaat??) album “Pieces of You” and sung my freaking heart out. I also had a little happy-sad teary in a few of the songs that hold some memories for me, and also some that mean so much more to me now, having been with Hubs for almost 10 years (double whaaaaaaat???) And now I have all this energy and can’t wait to put on my active wear to walk down to pick Chanbe then Quindy up, then come home and just play play play with my beautiful kids. If I could bottle this feeling, I would. But I know that it’s the stressy times and the challenges that make these moments even better.

I just hope I can rub some of it off on someone else to pay it forward, because I want to share this joy.

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