Happy Birthday Darby

Life! Sometimes it’s just too amazing for words and other times, like this morning, there are no words. More about that later. So Darby turned 2 today. Hard to believe yes?

2 years ago:


And today:


What a kid. Seriously. This guy makes us laugh every day. And even though I’m convinced that he has hit the “terrific twos” overnight, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Back to this morning. You know how you have those lovely serene mornings where everything runs smoothly and all is calm and you just win at parenting? I’m sure you can guess that this was not one of those mornings.

It started out well enough with exciting present opening


and then they all moved to the toyroom  to check out the goodies together. Hubs and I had 10 minutes of peace which was just lovely and then it was time to get up. I let the kids help me decorate the cupcakes for kindy today and I think I made a mistake by letting them lick the beaters.

A bit of sugar in the morning is clearly all they need to send them batshit crazy.

There was wailing  and gnashing of teeth and tears and fights and accusations. Give me strength! I mostly kept my cool until towards the end when I’d  had enough. And of course I yelled at the kids to stop yelling at each other. Because that always works.

And just when things couldn’t get more exciting, as we were leaving I grabbed Quinn’s hat that was sitting innocently on the deck railing, only to discover a half finished glass of rum and coke underneath that I promptly pulled onto my dress. So now I smell particularly “Queenslandy” today cos there was no way I was going back inside to change!

I asked Hubs about it and he said he didn’t put the hat over it yesterday but he didn’t wonder where it had gotten to!

I’d say it was the work of the noodle.


Just look at the grin.

Anyway all’s well that ends well . Darby is at kindy for a few hours so I can get a few things done, the first of which was to blog and have a coffee in peace.


Done and done.

Happy birthday Darby-doo. You are such a treasure and I wonder what we ever did without you in our lives.


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