The “right” exercise

I used to fall into the trap of talking myself out of exercising because I couldn’t fit the right thing in. I’d plan a 20 minute walk but then I’d think “what’s the point? I need to go for an hour long walk or go to an hour gym class to make it worthwhile.” Or “I probably won’t exercise the rest of the week so why bother going on a walk today?”

What I’ve finally learnt is that there is no “right” exercise and it’s all “worthwhile”.

The right exercise is the exercise that gets done and I enjoy and makes me feel good. I’ve been doing a bit of Tabata lately and can do a full workout in under 20 minutes. So that’s what I did today. I had been feeling less than stellar after a very rough night and early morning, and not being able to nap due to too much coffee at the wrong time (dammit) and even though I started talking myself out of it, I thought “in 20 minutes I could either be done or I could still be sitting here trying to talk myself into it.”

The other thing I’ve (finally) realised is that the more often I exercise, the more likely I am to back it up the next day with more moving and better food.

So it turns out in a slow learner but hey, I’m getting there! Now all I need is a good night sleep and my day will be compete.

(Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I do amuse myself sometimes.)

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