15 days in

And not much to say! Eep! It’s only been two weeks and I’ve already run out of things to say!?? Ha ha. To be honest I’m just knackered. I’ve had a sinus headache on and off since arriving in Brisbane, I’ve now got a scratchy throat and I haven’t had a decent night sleep for a week. It has honestly been hotter down here than in Rocky, and nights are very still and sweaty.

I was really looking forward to sleeping in air-con at the motel last night, but then I remembered that I don’t sleep well in air con, I kept waking up with a dry throat and runny nose, hence the scratchy throat today I’m guessing.

Wow this post is riveting. But you know, it’s my birthday week so I can do whatever I want. We are heading down the coast tomorrow to visit Nanna and Poppy which will be lovely. We’re taking our nieces and Hubs’ brother so I’ll try and actually get some photos!

I can now hear Quinny coughing. It could be quite a long night…

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