Happy birthday to me!

It’s been such a lovely day. I had a little sleep in but I wanted to hit the shops before meeting my friend at 11. I got to Chermside Westfield around 9.45 and already it was busy! That place is so crazy. It’s huge and it’s just getting bigger! Or maybe I’m just used to small towns now.

Anyway, it was nice to get an eyebrow wax and buy some clothes without being tugged on and whinged to. Had a lovely brunch and catch up with my friend before heading back to the kids. Then it was off to the Lagoon at Redcliffe for a nice dip in the tepid waters with another friend and her two kids.

I put the kids to bed, or so I thought, and headed out for dinner with the girls. I have known these lovely ladies for between 24 and 34 years. There’s a lot of history here, as can be seen in the photos I found last night!

So it turns out the kids heard me drive away and were none too impressed that I hadn’t said goodbye to them. I can never decide between telling them I’m leaving and trying to settle them or just sneaking out. Both work at different times. I’m heading out tomorrow night and have decided to tell them and say goodbye and hope for the best!!

So thank you everyone for the lovely messages and cards and prezzies. Apart from Hubs not being around, it’s been a top notch birthday and I have felt very loved and spoilt. Night-night from a very content 37-year-old.

At my 18th
Easter Camp 1995??
All together having Gelato

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