A big week

A big week just gone and a big week coming up. Brisbane was great, the drive home a huge success thanks in big part to Jess’ child back seat wrangling, and a successful transition home today with the cool change well and truly here, though I’m sure it’s only temporary.

My big boy starts year one tomorrow and Quinny starts at kindy on Wednesday. Darby and I will be hanging out together a bit over the next few months which will be nice. He’s really starting to be his own little guy with his own ideas and ways of doing things. It’s challenging and quite adorable all at the same time.

As for me, I have a list a mile long of things I’ve been putting off until the new year. It’s slightly overwhelming but I have a tidy house to start the school year so I feel ahead in that respect. Unfortunately I’ve had some sort of nasty chest cold this week and haven’t slept well for days but I’m sure I’m on the mend.

It’s going to be a great year!

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