Getting back into it

Since Christmas and our holiday and then my chest cold hit, there hasn’t been a lot of fit mum’s action I’m afraid. And I’m afraid to get back into it tomorrow! Ha ha. Except not really. I’m super keen, but I know the first week is going to be a hard slog.

I’ve been here before, sure, so here’s my top 5 tips for getting back into it after a bit of time off.

1. Just do it. I know that the longer I leave it the harder it will be so just do it.

2. Plan to walk in between sessions. Fit mum’s is now on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings (used to be only 2 mornings per week) which I’m so excited about. I’ve been trying to push a bit harder with the weights over the last few months, which means I’m pretty sore in between sessions. I really need to make a big effort to go for a walk on Tuesdays, Thursdays and a weekend day just to keep things loose.

3. Fuel my body better. I know that I feel better when I eat certain foods and avoid others. Breakfast is especially important at this time!

4. Be accountable. I’ve told people I’m going to be there and I’ve lined Hubs up for school drop off in the morning.

5. Plan for it. I’ve discussed the week with Hubs and he happens to have two of the mornings off this week so I’ll be child free which means I can really concentrate on getting the best out of my workout.

So that’s it folks. It’s not rocket science. Just hard work that is always worth it in the end!

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