A discussion

I just had a rather animated, and rather one-sided discussion with Hubs about The Bronze Medallion, and other WWII books that I’ve read lately, and how I’m so intrigued by it all. Halfway through said discussion, I said to Hubs “I should be blogging about this!” And here I am.

It absolutely fascinates me that so many people died in this world war, and yet so many people survived as well. So many people, like my Nanny, were marched from their homeland with literally nothing but the clothes on their backs. No passports, no papers. Nothing. And then to have not only survived, but thrived post-war; marrying, having a family, owning a house; it truly astounds me how they have gone from having absolutely nothing to “having it all.”

I know that Nanny and Grandpa always felt very blessed and grateful and lucky that they had such an amazing and different life after the war.

I exclaimed to Frith how crazy it is that we have only ever known one way of life, and will most likely only ever know this way of life. A life of safety; a life of abundance; a life full of family and friends who are not in imminent danger. We will most likely never know of any real hardship the way that people of war have known, and currently know.

I’m not going to go into the fact that war atrocities are happening right now as well, as I just haven’t educated myself enough about it all. I’m sure in a lot of ways it’s different, but I also know that it’s all the same as well. Greed; power; arrogance etc etc. It will always be a part of our world. I am just choosing to see the abundance and good people who do good things.

(Side note: I had been telling Hubs that this is a WWII Historical Drama, which is exactly what I thought it was. I googled the book title to put the link in and Hubs walked in and saw “The Bronze Horseman is a deeply erotic romance novel…” And was like “No wonder you can’t put it down!” I have only just gotten to the first erotic part – I honestly had no idea! Not that I’m complaining 😉 )

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