Rom com bomb

Hubs and I LOVE watching movies together. It’s one of our things. We watch good movies, crap movies, sequels, prequels, classics, you name it. There’s not a lot on our no-go list. Oh except horror. I don’t do horror of any kind. And Hubs isn’t a huge rom-com fan. So we don’t do rom-com-zom movies either. (Did you even know there was such a thing!?)

And now there’s a new genre in town that I made up* last night after we watched Mechanic – Resurrection.

The Rom Com Bomb.

It’s a fun action movie that, for whatever reason, the writers decided they needed to include a ridiculous love story which adds little or nothing to the movie.

Come to think of it there are so many movies that fit this genre! Definitely good for a night when you don’t want to have to think too hard about what you’re watching.

*Apparently the term has already been thought of but for something slightly different. I laughed very hard. 

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