S05E14 Leslie and Ben

Aw my gawsh. I know I was a little late coming to the Parks and Recreation party but better late than never. I just watched The wedding episode and teared up more times than I care to admit! I’m so in love with Leslie and Ben! Seriously too gorgeous!

I think about weddings a lot, sporadically being in the business and I came across this article today that honestly made me seethe. The upshot is that brides are being “forced” to spend up to $150,000 on their weddings to keep up with the “demands” of social media.

Give. Me. Strength.

The bride to be in this article is spending $24,500 on her flowers for goodness sake! My flowers cost a total of $500 and that included me and Hubs, four maids and groomsmen, and our grandmas and maybe even our parents!?

What the actual do you get for the extra $24,000???? Who the hell are these people!? And don’t even get me started on the $15,000 dress.

I honestly just don’t get it. I mean each to their own but going into that much debt for one day seems absurd to me. Maybe Daddy is paying for the whole affair – who knows. Not once was the groom mentioned by the way.

I get that different people want to do things their own way. I’m sure there were some people who thought our wedding was huge (170 at the reception) and compared to many it was big but I can assure you it didn’t cost anything close to $150k. We did a lot of stuff ourselves and really didn’t splurge on anything too crazy. And it was such a great day and night.

Hard to believe it will be 10 years ago this December. I’d better get Hubs thinking about some ideas early. Ha!

And of course here’s some wedding photos just because this is my blog and I can do whatever I want.

Tiny pre-baby waist! Ha Ha

Ah what a good looking bunch. Still in touch and in love with them all xxx

A dread-less Hubs! Not seen in 9 years this Easter. Good times. Good times.

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  1. You look beautiful in your wedding photos and indeed, looked great on the day, as did Frith, even in his white Docs! Ha! That article about expensive weddings made me cross. How can a hairdresser afford such an elaborate wedding. They have lost sight of what it is all about – not out-doing everyone else with the ‘wow’ factor, but committing to each other. My daughter got married in Sydney September 2015 to the love of her life. The service was on the beach with closest friends and family (uncles, cousins not invited if there was not a close relationship) in a beautiful, meaningful ceremony; reception upstairs in the Queenscliff Surf Club coordinated by a wedding organiser – all the wines and food hand picked; layered cheeses for wedding cake (none of the guests interested in cake); photographer was a friend; dress designed and made by a highly regarded Sydney couturier. The bill? around $20,000 all up. Best wedding ever. Now they are living in a million dollar house, happily ever after with wonderful memories of a wonderful day enjoyed by all. A small splurge in a few days at Freycinet Resort, Tasmania. I so admire my daughter and son-in-law for having true values.

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